Thursday 9pm GMT

Spiritual Techno is a new, exciting Afro House Dj and recording artist coming out of the UK. 

His work is driven by a burning desire to see humanity freed from daily suffering created by conditioning of the mind.

His music sends out festive vibrations creating positive feelings that unite and free dancing souls around the world.

He invites us to question the status quo within ourselves, to create our own reality and live a life free from fear through self-awareness. 

His new project, RHYTHM & DANCE brings energy, healing and freedom, fuelled by cutting edge music  from producers such as Band&Dos, Ameme, David Morales, Emmanuel Jal, Kintar, FNX Omar, Themba, Enzo Siffredi, Peppe Citarella, Moojo, Black Coffee, Keinemusik, DJ Chus and labels like MoBlack, Go Deeva, Abracadabra Music, Union Records; guaranteed to make you dance!  Listen to his show every Thursday on WGLR!

2023 promises to be an exciting year with new releases coming soon. 

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