John Ludo

John Ludo comes from the original breed of DJ's way before the realms of likes

and followers which now influence promoters to book a DJ.

He started buying music in 1988 when he left school and his first set

of turntables closely followed in 1989.

The big change came in 1998 when he was asked do a show on

pirate radio station Risk FM in London. Over time he went on to

present radio shows on a number of stations but finally found

his home on Passion FM one the biggest radio stations in London.

John views anything club related as a bonus and has played at

initimate venues as well as some of the biggest clubs in London,

Essex and Ibiza enjoying them all equally. He doesn't view this as

an attempt to gain superstar dj status

but as an opportunity to share his love for the music with party people.




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